BIG City Lights
Writing warms me when I'm feeling particularly cold.I'm a reformed party animal.Partying has lost its novelty for me.Sometimes I can say that I'm weird.Normality is merely a matter of consensus.I'm a clumsy oaf.I am one of the boys.Occasionally I prefer my boy buds company to that of my girlfriends because it's refreshing to be as loud and rowdy as I want to be.Perfection is boring.Imperfection,on the other hand,piques my interest.Not all girls love shopping and go on diets.I don't.I would never starve myself just for vanity's sake.Puhleez.There are few things worse in life than being gorgeous & dumb..Being alone doesn't necessarily equate to being lonely.I'm brutally frank.No sense in beating around the bush. And Lastly, what u see in me is what u get!! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
i love vans/ coverse/ mossimo/ bags/ dresses/ hills/ flats/ starbucks/ pizza/ bikini/ beers/ guess/ kamiseta/ lee/ puma/ fila/ havaianas/ ipanema/ bayo/ nike/ adidas/ speedo/ kitkat/ tobleron/ snickers/ delicious foods/ i love anything that soothes my mood.. I also love Miranda Kerr/ Lauren Conrad/ Meagan Fox/ Kim Kardashan/ and Jessica Alba I love fashion and Beautiful Places and especially i love my BABZ
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